Dr. Ladd Carlston

Chiropractor & Director of Possibilities!

-Board certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners -Licensed Chiropractor through the Kansas Board of Healing Arts

Dr. Ladd Carlston has defined a new niche in chiropractic with his no-popping approach to getting rid of your pain. Schooled in health and alternative medicine from a young age, he developed an interest in how the human body works and a belief in it’s miraculous healing powers.

During his undergraduate studies in human biology and pre-med his interest in alternative medicine deepened.  He served a 2 year mission for his church in Taiwan, where he grew to love the language and the traditions of that ancient culture that was far more advanced in it’s healing practices than the Western world.  It was upon his return that he chose to go to Chiropractic school to further broaden his education and have more opportunity to impact thousands of lives with what he had learned.

A 10 year journey has taken him to remote areas of China and to countless training programs in alternative medicine eventually leading to the creation of Mind in Motion in 2011. “It’s the culmination of everything I’ve studied and uses a combination of dozens of techniques to make it the fastest process I’ve seen to help someone get rid of their chronic pain once and for all.”

Dr. Carlston lives in Olathe with his wife Sarah and 5 children.

You can reach him at


Mona Raglow

Queen of Implementation

Some people feel they ‘have to’ go to work.

I’m the exact opposite.

Once upon a time I wouldn’t have been able to say that. My years spent climbing the corporate ladder taught me much, and help me relate to the struggles our de-stress clients face at Mind in Motion face. I help them get things done and because I’ve been there, I can help them through. The opportunity to do so is a privilege I never take lightly.

I bring my personal philosophy–to live authentically and without regret–with me to work each day, and I have to admit that one of my favorite things about my role as Queen of Implementation is that no two days are the same. The days are never the same because no two clients are the same.

I meet each client where they are, and work with them in the unique way they need in order to get from good to great. I pick up where Dr. Ladd’s session ends, helping clients connect the dots between appointments. Sometimes that means I provide gentle nudges, but for others I get to be the accountability structure that keeps them on task.

On any given day I can be a teacher, a cheerleader, a confidante, a coach, a mentor, a director or a friend. I use my intuitive skills and ability to not only listen, but to hear, to provide whatever support is necessary to help a client move beyond their own pre-determined boundaries and live a more empowered, authentic life. Regardless of how my support is offered, the results are the same: clarity, focus and the ability to take action.

I know better than anyone that what we do at Mind in Motion is sometimes difficult to explain but almost impossible to live without because I am also a client. I’ve been through the process and know firsthand how much better my life is because of what we do here. I love the fact that everything we do here at Mind in Motion is done with one intended result: to enable our clients to live the life they dream of living, without reservation or regret.


For my complete professional resume, I invite you to visit my LinkedIn profile. For more insight on why I believe that what we do is so vital to anyone who aspires to live a more authentic, powerful life, I encourage you to reach out and say hello.

You can reach me at