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Dr. Ladd Carlston combines the best of physical therapy, massage and chiropractic. After years of searching, he has combined unique treatments that bring relief when others have failed.

Many patients he sees have been to other practitioners without results. If you have tried muscle relaxers, physical therapy, or even other chiropractors, his technique may be just what you need for relief.


Dr. Carlston’s Story

Prior to getting his Doctoral degree as a Chiropractor, Dr. Carlston was disappointed seeing so many people needlessly stuck in pain.

​Whether it was someone going to PT for months without success, or someone going through a series of cortisone shots without relief.

He spent years and went to great lengths to find the answer.

He traveled throughout China learning from Chinese Healers. He studied anatomy, physiology and biochemistry while getting his doctorate in Chiropractic. He took classes from doctors all over the country and compared treatment approaches with other colleagues.

Finally, it came together. Patients who had been everywhere else without relief began having breakthrough results. People who had been to other chiropractors or spent tens of thousands on medical treatments over many many years were getting their life back.

​If you have neck, hip, back or neck pain there are innovative solutions waiting for you. Click here to schedule your treatment instantly.

The technique works when other things have failed because it is a very unique combination of specific massage, physical therapy, and chiropractic techniques.

During your first visit, specific muscles are tested to determine what is causing your pain.

Usually, the pain that you’re feeling is coming from muscles that are screaming for help because they’re compensating for muscles elsewhere in your body that aren’t working properly.

After a thorough exam of your pain and if Dr. Carlston thinks he can help you, he will apply a combination of treatments to restore proper function and balance to muscles and tissue which often leads to instant pain relief.

If you’ve tried other things to get rid of your pain without success, you’re in the right place.

“Pain that’s not going away is a result of a muscle that’s overworking and in trouble. It takes some detective work to determine why and expertise to get the body on track again.”

Dr. Ladd Carlston

Appointment Options

Choose Your Appointment Type

New Patient

Consult with Dr. Carston, undergo a thorough examination of your condition, and experience pain relieving treatment

30 minutes

A follow-up to the New Patient appointment, this visit is to further resolve issues that cause pain

15 minutes

A short follow-up visit to re-check muscles for balance

what makes us different

“Customized treatment for your exact condition”


  • Your treatment is customized for your exact condition. If you have neck pain, the specific muscles that are causing your neck pain will get the attention they need for you to get relief from pain.
  • Treatments are long enough to help you get lasting relief.  Depending on severity of your condition, you’ll choose a 15 or 30 minute treatment time. (and in severe cases, 60 minutes)
  • Schedule online – you can immediately see the available times and claim your time.


Conditions We treat

Neck pain

If you have neck pain that’s not getting better and affecting your sleep, we can help.


We can help. Unless it’s from a Hangover or caffeine withdrawal.

Back pain

Upper back pain, shoulder blade pain, low back pain. Let’s get you back in action.

Shoulder pain

If you can’t throw the winning pitch anymore, let’s see what’s going on.

Hip Pain

Get back to moving and living your life.

Knee Pain

Find out why your knee pain is caused from instability.


What People Are Saying

“Really appreciated the time spent listening to issues and understanding that everything is connected. Saw great improvement for my back stiffness on the very first visit.”


Through online scheduler

I am in shock and awe….. after dealing with chronic hip, shoulder & neck pain for a year, Dr. Ladd was able to find the problem and solution immediately. I felt so much better after the first visit and now I see a light at the end of the tunnel!


Through online scheduler

Couldn’t be more satisfied, Dr. Carston is just FANTASTIC!! Having been to several well known Spine, Hip and Knee Specialists in the past 2 years I the Overland Park and Leawood area, and not having had any reasonable diagnostics and treatment for my problem, to have found Dr. Carlston has been a blessing. I definitely would recommend him eyes closed!


Through online scheduler

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