About Dr. Ladd Carlston

An innovative healer who combines the best of Chiropractic, Massage, and Physical Therapy for ultimate pain relief.

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Dr. Ladd’s Story

Prior to getting his Doctoral degree as a Chiropractor, Dr. Carlston was disappointed seeing so many people needlessly stuck in pain.

Whether it was someone going to PT for months without success, or someone going through a series of cortisone shots without relief.

He spent years and went to great lengths to find the answer.

He traveled throughout China learning from Chinese Healers. He studied anatomy, physiology and biochemistry while getting his doctorate in Chiropractic. He took classes from doctors all over the country and compared treatment approaches with other colleagues.

Finally, it came together. Patients who had been everywhere else without relief began having breakthrough results. People who had been to other chiropractors or spent tens of thousands on medical treatments over many many years were getting their life back.

If you have neck, hip, back or neck pain there are innovative solutions waiting for you. Click here to schedule your treatment instantly.

How it works

During your first visit, specific muscles are tested that relate to your pain.

The muscles that aren't working properly are identified.

Dr. Carlston will apply specific treatments to restore proper function and balance to the painful area.

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A chronically tight muscle that’s causing pain usually is like that because it’s compensating for another muscle that’s not firing correctly.  There’s a disconnect between that muscle and your nervous system.

Genuine Care and Concern

Often the real problem is that no one ever took the time to listen and really look at what’s going on.  Many doctors don’t even touch the area that hurts and just prescribe imaging or anti-inflammatory drugs.

Relaxed Environment

When you walk in, you’ll find comfortable seating and bookshelves with interesting books.  Although the doctor doesn’t overbook his schedule and you won’t have to wait long.

Strength Building

Sometimes the pain your feeling is because muscles that surround the painful area are imbalanced and weak

Stress Relief

Getting out of pain is stress relieving on its own, but you’ll learn some simple and easy ways to keep your muscles relaxed


Life sometimes puts us in situations where we maintain certain positions for extended periods of time.


Happy Patients

“Really appreciated the time spent listening to issues and understanding that everything is connected. Saw great improvement for my back stiffness on the very first visit.”


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I am in shock and awe….. after dealing with chronic hip, shoulder & neck pain for a year, Dr. Ladd was able to find the problem and solution immediately. I felt so much better after the first visit and now I see a light at the end of the tunnel!


Through online scheduler

Couldn’t be more satisfied, Dr. Carston is just FANTASTIC!! Having been to several well known Spine, Hip and Knee Specialists in the past 2 years I the Overland Park and Leawood area, and not having had any reasonable diagnostics and treatment for my problem, to have found Dr. Carlston has been a blessing. I definitely would recommend him eyes closed!


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