Ever heard of chiropractic massage? If you’ve been dealing with tights muscles, stiff joints, or pestering back pain for far too long, you’re going to want to keep reading. Especially if what you’ve been trying hasn’t been working.

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So what’s next? Massage therapy? Chiropractic adjustments? You’ve probably heard of both. Maybe you’ve even had a few sessions. But what if we told you there’s something else out there that’s better, and that can get you on track to a healthier, happier body?

Have we tapped your curiosity yet?

We’re talking about chiropractic massage. Yes, the two go together!

Chiropractic massage is the unique combination of chiropractic care and massage therapy. Working in tandem. This helps support your spine and body wellness, in a more inclusive way.

How Is Chiropractic Massage Different From Massage Therapy?

When you think of going in for a massage therapy session, you probably visualize a relaxing spa day. Warm candles, hot towels, and a soothing experience with gentle massaging. And who doesn’t like that?

But if you’re wanting to really dig deep and get to the root of your pain, you should consider chiropractic massage. Sure, it looks a little different than a day at the spa, but the therapy is well worth it.

Chiropractic care focuses on the central nervous system. This promotes wellness throughout the entire body. It offers a more holistic approach towards treatment. The exact execution of chiropractic massage may vary depending on your ailments. But the end goal is this:

Restoring proper movement and function to the joint to eliminate pain.

What does that look like? At our office, we first target which muscle isn’t working properly. With muscle manipulation (through muscle work or soft tissue work), we can achieve proper functioning of the bones. Because it’s really the muscles that move the bones.

Massage therapy helps reduce tension. Reduced stress and increased flexibility are also often reported. While massage therapy focuses on reducing the symptoms of certain health conditions, chiropractic massage tends to treat the cause of specific medical conditions.

A skeletal drawing of the spine.

How You Can Benefit From Chiropractic Massage

If you’ve ever seen a doctor for long-term pain, you’re likely offered different treatment options. These can look like allopathic medicines, or more invasive approaches. Choosing the right treatment can be difficult.

Sometimes, you can find relief without the aid of chemicals or surgical instruments. But other times, a more holistic approach may prove to be the better option.

Chiropractic massage can provide relief from many different types of pains. Read on to see what this therapy can do for you.

Muscle Tension

Going through life’s hustle and bustle non-stop can catch up to our bodies. Especially our muscles, since many of us tend to overwork them. Our holistic form of treatment can help reduce tension. It can also reduce the inflammation that may be causing pain.

Joint Pain And Muscular Injuries

Let’s say you’ve suffered a recent muscle pull or strain. Every day, you’re adding extra pressure to your muscles. This can lead to a more serious injury.

Sometimes, this can cause surrounding joints to stiffen. Now you’re dealing with even more pain than before.

Chiropractic massage can target the root cause of joint stiffness. By loosening and relaxing the proper muscle, a chiropractor can correct the condition and provide patients with added benefits. These include correct posture alignment, reduced pain, and increased blood flow.

Back Pain

Chronic back pain? More like chronic pain in the neck. That’s really what it should be called. (Don’t worry, we treat both conditions!) Fortunately, chiropractic massage has offered many patients relief.
Chiropractors focus on spinal alignment which can eliminate most back pain. Treating the stress in your spine through massage can help increase blood flow to damaged muscle fibers. This ultimately speeds up the healing process and decreases overall pain.

Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety and depression are considered mental conditions, but the mind and body are not two separate entities.

By adjusting the physical conditions of the central nervous system, chiropractic massage therapy may help improve mental well-being too.

Chiropractic massage therapy can help in a myriad of conditions. It’s not just for those suffering with extreme muscle and joint pain, either. Many patients utilize it for preventative care too!

Understanding the cause of your pain and finding relief can be a long, difficult journey. Why not try a less-invasive way that has benefited thousands of patients. If chiropractic massage therapy sounds right for you, contact us today for more information!

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